Cedar Fence Batten

£7.13£12.90 per linear metre

Experience the elegance of cedar battens, blending warm hues and contemporary design to transform any space. Durable and low maintenance, these battens offer a natural charm that lasts for decades.

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Product Description

Enhance your architectural projects with our premium cedar battens, renowned for their beautiful warm colours and natural elegance. Crafted for versatility, these battens can be placed horizontally or vertically, creating a striking backdrop that complements any design. Our cedar batten is a testament to enduring beauty and sustainability, requiring no treatment and boasting a lifespan of 20 years. Over time, they gracefully age to a stunning silver-grey hue, adding a touch of serene sophistication to your space. While inherently low in maintenance, these battens thrive with an occasional application of clear oil, which not only nourishes the wood but also provides UV protection.

Available in various lengths to suit your specific needs (prices may vary), our battens are primarily stocked in 4.0m sizes (subject to change). Please contact us to inquire about available lengths and to customise your order. The price is calculated per linear metre, ensuring you get exactly what you need for your unique space. Transform your space with the timeless appeal of cedar battens, a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic charm.


Q: Do I need to treat the cedar battens for outdoor use?

A: No, our cedar battens are naturally durable and do not require any treatment. However, you can choose to use OSMO Oil to ensure the Cedar battens keep their warm colours. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions for up to 20 years.

Q: How will the appearance of the cedar battens change over time?

A: Initially, cedar battens display warm colours. Over a few months, they naturally age to a beautiful silver-grey hue, adding a refined touch to your space.

Q: Is regular maintenance required for the cedar battens?

A: Cedar battens are low maintenance. However, applying a clear oil can nourish the wood and provide additional UV protection, enhancing their longevity and appearance.

Q: How is the price of cedar battens determined?

A: The price is based on a per linear metre calculation. This allows for precise pricing according to the specific amount required for your project.

Q: Is there a difference in maintenance between cedar, redwood, and yellow pine battens?

A: Cedar battens are low maintenance, naturally resisting rot and insect damage. Redwood also has natural resilience but may benefit from occasional sealing to maintain its colour. Yellow Pine, while strong, typically requires regular treatment and sealing, especially when used outdoors due to the batten being a softwood.  

Q: What are the main differences between cedar, redwood, and yellow pine battens?

A: Cedar battens are known for their exceptional durability and natural resistance to rot and insects, with a lifespan of up to 20 years without the need for treatment. They age gracefully into a silver-grey hue. Redwood battens also offer good durability and resistance due to being pressure treated to have the attributes of a hardwood, with a richer, reddish tone that can add warmth to any design. Yellow Pine battens are a more cost-effective option, known for their strength and versatility, but they typically require treatment for outdoor use.


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