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Pallet Collars: Building Garden Beds on a Budget Published by
Published on 3 March 2021 | Last updated on 6 May 2022

Pallet collars are simple, hinged frames of wood that can fold flat for easy storage. They can also have lids and bottoms added to make them into boxes. Usually made up of 4-6 pieces of wood, they’re incredibly versatile and offer a modern and efficient alternative to static wooden crates and receptacles.

Pallet collars are placed on top of traditional pallets to form stackable, box storage solutions. No assembly is required, as they automatically slot securely onto standard pallets. The hinges enable collars to be collapsed when not in use, making them of huge appeal to the construction and logistics industries alike, not to mention gardeners! Whether transporting cargo or storing stuff in warehouses, they reduce the risk of damage to both pallets and products. They are stronger than traditional pallets and take up less space. This means you can pack more in yet still take up less room! 

Not just for the trade

But, aside from their obvious uses and appeal for storing and transporting products, pallet collars are now in demand from gardeners and landscapers too. This is because they make excellent, easily installed raised beds. Garden design and landscaping has become much more popular in recent years. Railway sleepers are another popular way of creating stylish raised beds. For those new to gardening, or with limited space though, pallet collars offer a simple and cost-effective alternative.

The flexible nature of pallet collars mean you can adapt the height, shape, and collaboration to suit your needs. The standard pallet collar measurement is 2 ft 7” by 3 ft 11”, and approximately 7 inches high. Some pallet collars manufactured specifically for gardening are a little smaller and thinner, but we’d recommend using the thicker, standard ones for strength and durability.

What do I need to do?

Not much! A concern often raised about pallet collars is that the wood elements might be contaminated by pests. If this was the case, they would pose a potential threat to plants and vegetables exposed to them. As collars are used to ship products all over the world, this is an understandable concern – but not one you have to worry about. The vast majority of pallet collars are heat treated en masse to kill off pests. This is a much cheaper, quicker, and less intrusive process than using impregnated wood.

Using pallet collars in the garden

Pallet collars might just be the easiest way to build a garden. It really is just a case of filling them with soil and stacking them as you want! Keep in mind how and where you’ll want your paths to go, and you’ll be well on your way. You can also use decorative stone and compost to fill them. Just adapt to how you want things to look and what you want to grow!

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