Rootzone Soil


Elevate your lawn to peak health with our premium Rootzone soil, expertly formulated for sports turf and avid gardeners. Comprising 70% USGA-graded washed silica sand and 30% top-quality soil, this heat-treated mix ensures a consistent supply of essential nutrients. Perfect for top dressing, it enhances soil health, defends against weeds, and supports robust grass growth.

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Product Description

Our Rootzone soil is not just a top choice for prestigious venues like Buckingham Palace and Harlequins RFC; it’s also the preferred choice for keen gardeners aiming for smooth, lush lawns. This premium blend is a carefully calculated blend of USGA-graded washed silica sand and 30% high-quality soil, heat treated to eradicate plant pathogens. The result is a free-flowing, permeable product that is effortless to spread and optimises lawn health.

Rootzone soil provides a wealth of benefits to your lawn. It not only fertilises but also enhances moisture and nutrient retention, encourages beneficial soil bacteria, and fortifies your lawn against weeds, algae, and moss. The newly resilient turf structure, improved drainage, and resistance to soil erosion it provides are essential for a healthy, luscious lawn in addition to playing a crucial role in establishing and nurturing grass seed.

Ideal for a range of applications, our Rootzone soil is your go-to solution for top dressing sports turf and domestic lawns, repairing divots, sowing grass seed, laying new lawns, and levelling existing ones. Embrace the benefits of using a professional grade soil blend, and see your lawn transform into a healthier, greener, and more resilient space.

Once your lawn is looking tip top, why not give the same star treatment to your beds and borders with our Premium Topsoil, Spent Mushroom or Green Compost!

For any further questions or advice, our horticultural experts are just a call or message away!

If It’s Good Enough For Them…

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again!

Our Rootzone has been chosen as a top dressing at several prestigious sites including Buckingham Palace, Harlequins RFC, Guards Polo Club, and London Golf Club.

Any questions? See our FAQs below or feel free to call us and speak to one of our horticultural experts.

Benefits & Uses


–        Fertilises.

–        Promotes nutrient and moisture retention.

–        Encourages good bacteria.

–        Safeguards soil from weeds, algae and moss.

–        Improves turf resilience, firmness, and smoothness.

–        Aids healthy grass seed establishment.

–        Improves drainage.

–        Protects soil from water and wind erosion.

–        Helps soil aeration.

–        Quality guaranteed – USGA-graded sand and top quality soil.


–        Top dressing of sports turf and private lawns.

–        Divot repair.

–        Sowing grass seed.

–        Laying lawns.

–        Levelling lawns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is Rootzone soil?
A: Rootzone soil is a specially formulated mix primarily used for sports turf dressing and garden lawns. It’s a premium blend of 70% USGA-graded washed silica sand and 30% high-quality soil, screened and heat treated to ensure free-flowing, permeability support healthy grass growth.

Q: What are the main benefits of using Rootzone soil on my lawn?
A: Rootzone soil offers numerous benefits including improved nutrient and moisture retention, encouragement of beneficial soil bacteria, and protection against weeds, algae, and moss. It enhances turf resilience and smoothness, aids in grass seed establishment, improves drainage, and helps prevent soil erosion.

Q: Can I use Rootzone soil for any type of lawn or turf?
A: Yes, Rootzone soil is versatile and suitable for all types of lawns and turf, whether it’s a sports field or a domestic lawn. It’s particularly effective for top dressing, divot repair, sowing grass seed, laying new lawns, and levelling existing lawns.

Q: How do I apply Rootzone soil to my lawn?
A: For best results, spread a thin layer of Rootzone soil over your lawn and distribute using a wide rake. It can be used for top dressing, divot repair, and as a base for sowing new grass seeds or laying new turf. If you’re unsure about the application process, feel free to contact our horticultural experts for guidance.

Q: What makes Rootzone soil different from regular topsoil?
A: Rootzone soil is specifically engineered for turf health, with a precise mixture of washed silica sand and quality soil, screened to a fine consistency. This composition ensures better drainage, nutrient distribution, and soil structure compared to regular topsoil, making it more effective for lawns and sports turfs.

Q: How often should I apply Rootzone soil to my lawn?
A: The frequency of application depends on your lawn’s condition and usage. Generally, applying Rootzone soil once or twice a year is sufficient. For sports turfs or heavily used lawns, more frequent applications may be beneficial.

Q: Where is Corker’s Rootzone soil used?
A: Our Rootzone soil has been chosen for top dressing at several prestigious sites, including Buckingham Palace, Harlequins RFC, Guards Polo Club, and London Golf Club, demonstrating its quality and effectiveness.


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